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Seaside Stencils

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Create everlasting mementos of magic holiday moments in minutes! Kids will love this quick and clever craft activity that transforms their papercraft projects! The ready-cut stencils each feature a different seaside-inspired design, perfect for creating scrapbook pages, holiday cards or collages of sunny scenes to display on the wall at home or school. Place the washable motif over and fresh sheet of paper or card, then mix up your favourite paints and apply to the apertures. Experiment with different effects using sponge dabbers, brushes or even your fingers, then carefully remove the plastic to reveal the stunning picture left behind! Paint, colour, peel and reveal!

6 assorted seaside designs

  • Sandcastle

  • Boat

  • Bucket & spade

  • Lighthouse

  • Seashells

  • Beach cabin


Dimensions- 15cm x 14cm

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