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Woodland loose part play set

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Loose parts play with natural materials is a great way for children to learn about the world around them. They can discover and explore the different textures and using the items for small world play and tinkering! The items can be used for making patterns and mandalas for mindful, open ended play.

Using the Woodland loose part play set as part of heuristic play has many benefits, including stimulating a child's imagination and creativity, building gross motor skills and providing a wonderful sensory experience.

This set includes

x3 Large pine cones

x6 Mini acorns

x3 Mixed sized stones

x3 Bark leaves

x10 Felt balls

x3 Mandala cones

x6 Mini wooden woodland shapes

x1 Natural feathers

x2 Natural willow branches

x2 Wooden pegs

x6 Wooden buttons

x1 Blue textured fabric

x1 Small cotton bag

(Please note tray, wooden bowls, wooden tongs, wooden spoon and sensory chickpeas are not included)

Play should be risk assessed and supervised by a responsible adult. Items included in the Underwater loose part Set are not for consumption.

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